Oct. 5-9 垃圾精選

[2008/10/05 – 2008/10/09]

  • 10/09 09:41, 2008
    引述 :『米迪亞除了棒球隊涉嫌打假球外,米迪亞籃球隊也曾傳出打假球。米迪亞隊總教練吳建國二月間指出,外圍簽賭組頭已將魔手伸向SBL「買教練、買球員」操控比賽勝敗。 』

    (標籤: 20081009 tw-bball)

  • 10/09 06:11, 2008
    引述 :『第6季SBL超級籃賽預定12月底開打,然而電視轉播權利金部份卻遲遲未能定案,轉播單位緯來電視台與ESPN態度軟化,前日再度提出4200萬方案,但仍不被SBL委員會接受。』

    (標籤: 20081009 tw-bball)

  • 10/06 00:11, 2008
    引述 :『Instead he chose to play in Italy, where he will earn $1.2 million this season in salary and endorsements, including a shoe contract with Under Armour. Roma signed Jennings to a three-year deal but has little at risk because his contract must be bought out if he leaves for the National Basketball Association.』

    (標籤: 20081005 nba global-basketball)


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